This Didi has wealth of 4 lakh crores

There is a lot of talk about this Didi in the world. The reason for this is its business and wealth. This Didi of China is not a woman of flesh, but a company. The full name of this company giving China taxi service is Didi Chuxing. The market value of the company, which started just 6 years ago, has become approximately Rs 4 lakh crore ($ 56 billion). According to Forbes report, the sister value can reach $ 80 billion in 2019. Behind this company’s success is a woman. We are talking about this company and woman .

Why is this in the headlines of China’s Didi

 For two days, Didi is in the discussion in the world media. Economic Times reported that China’s company Didi Chushing has invested $ 100 million in hospitality chain OYO Hotels and Homes. The value of the ooy has been estimated at around $ 5 billion for this investment. This investment has been done through Star Varchu Investment, which has control of Chushing.

 Challenge To Uber

In the global market, the American company is constantly competing for Uber. Uber App is the world’s largest taxi service provider. According to Forbes, in 2016, Didi had bought the entire business of Uber for $ 35 billion.

 Who is Didi

 Cheng Wei is the founder of China’s app based taxi service, Didi Kawdi. Cheng laid the foundations of Didi Dac in June 2012. After this, in February 2015, sister-in-law and cowardly mercenaries became merciless and became a company, Didi Kaadi