Productivity, what does it really consist of?

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Productivity, what does it really consist of? This may seem a very simple question, but it is not at all. There are many myths about productivity, many misunderstandings that make it a concept that does not always sound good at all. Probably the main reason is that we associate it with spending our lives working, more and more.

If you’ve ever thought that … it’s a mistake. The productivity, precisely, is the solution for all those people who spend the whole day working, going from here to there, and all this to obtain results, in the best of cases, discrete. To put it briefly: to be productive is to work less, but much better. I have always defended that the best professionals are precisely those who work the least hours.

It is very interesting to be clear about what productivity consists of and how to apply it in our lives. What is more widespread nowadays are endless days and spending more hours than a clock in gray offices, just to get to our homes almost in the early afternoon and not have any time for us, for our hobbies, for our loved ones. It sounds familiar to you, right?

That business model will disappear. The entrepreneurs and workers who will succeed and achieve success will be precisely those who manage to work little, but with maximum efficiency possible, aligned with their life goals and with the focus on getting what they want. Methods to be productive there are many, but if they have something in common is that this is their final goal.

Understanding what productivity consists of is not a matter of making tables and graphs, writing thoughtful books on the subject and filling the monitor of our work computer with post-its; On the contrary, it is about changing the mentality completely, breaking our mental barriers,overcoming our internal fears and reorganizing our lives.

Productivity, what does it really consist of? Returning to the initial question, we could say that productivity is not, in short, a destination, but rather a path. It is a means to an end: to be able to devote most of our time and energy to ourselves, to our life, to what really matters. And at the same time, our work hours are, as I said, aligned with our vital objectives. In short, that lead us to success and happiness.