Personal growth for success: a journey for the brave

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The personal growth for success, like so many of the concepts that I speak on this blog, is not an end in itself, but a journey, a journey whose goals are the success and happiness, at all levels ( at work, of course, but also in personal life, love, friendships, etc.). That’s something you probably already knew.

The main difference is, perhaps, that personal growth is a process only for the bravest. Success only reaches those with enough determination and willpower to overcome all obstacles, or, to put it another way, to learn to see the forest – and not just the trees, as they often teach us – and to break through. for him.

It takes a lot of courage to look inside oneself, identify the fears and pernicious habits that have been installed in our interior since childhood and begin to tear them down. The personal growth for success involves an important process of self – analysis, deconstruction and change at all levels. Sounds simple? Maybe on paper, but believe me … there are not many people who are willing to face changes at that level.

Perhaps the most important thing to understand about this process is that personal growth for success is different because it is conscious growth. It implies having clear our vital objectives and going down a definite path, a path chosen by us, instead of simply living by inertia and letting ourselves be carried away by the decisions of others.

And is that most people are limited to live their lives and leave their dreams parked in the realm of the imaginary. They are all those things that you know will never happen, as they say … but why will not they happen? For the vast majority of people, they do not pass only because there is no real will to pursue those goals, an authentic will to live following a plan of life that leads to success .

As I told you at the beginning, personal growth for success is only for the bravest. But what I did not say at the beginning, because I expected you to reach that conclusion, is that it is a process that is definitely worth it. Know yourself, mark your goals and follow a plan that leads you to them.  Do not hesitate: it can be done.