keys to your financial education

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Unfortunately, in this society we are educated to produce, to be employees of other people and contribute to the achievement of other people’s goals. There is no  financial education in schools. We are not taught how to properly manage our money. However, there is a lot of information on the internet and many books that allow us to learn and train. Some people try to teach and extend ideas about financial education to help others. Meet 20 quick ideas to understand what it is about.

  1. Live according to your income . Manage household expenses and financial decisions through a realistic and rigorous operating budget.
  2. Reflect, analyze and prioritize your financial goals to plan your time and to properly use your money. Work on written and specific goals for your financial future.
  3. Be responsible for your expenses . Put into practice a habit of financial management essential: ask for tickets for all your expenses, try them at the end of the month and become aware of what you spend your money on.
  4. Teach your family to be responsible in the use of money. A judicious use of money is an issue that should affect the whole family, educate them in correct financial habits .
  5. Become aware of the importance of being financially independent .
  6. Systematize financial and solidarity donations in your financial planning.
  7. It includes ethical values in the professional and financial opportunities you pursue.
  8. Do not leave aside personal satisfaction for work well done in your professional and financial motivations.
  9. Build an excellent reputation among your colleagues by profession. Become aware of your personal brand in your workplace.
  10. Remember that financial and professional success does not consist in reaching a destination, but perhaps more in enjoying the way .
  11. Design and implement a regular savings and investment program . You can systematize amounts that automatically go every month to investments, retirement, etc.
  12. Reserve part of your income to enjoy life . Pleasure and enjoyment on the road are the most important part of success.
  13. Save regularly for your children’s education . Automate a monthly contribution to your bank for this purpose.
  14. Manage your financial income appropriately, with the objective of providing the financial needs of your family, yourself and your retirement .
  15. Enjoy the work you do in your profession. Obviously we would all prefer to be on the beach instead of working, but you can learn to enjoy your profession. Who enjoys his profession what he has is a hobby for which he is paid. Enjoy or change jobs, we have not come to this world to suffer.
  16. Analyze your skills and knowledge and adapt them to the job you perform. Try to bring value regularly to the company in which you work and your customers. Find the way to contribute more and more value.
  17. If you bring more and more value, your income will increase to the same extent. It demands an economic compensation consistent with the value you bring.
  18. Make sure you have a professional financial advisor . Ensuring a good return on the wealth you generate with your daily effort is worth it.
  19. Make sure you cover your risks well . Have an effective insurance program, advised by the best professional. Do not put your future or all your effort at risk.
  20. Watch that the energy and attention you put in the professional and financial areas of your life are balanced with other areas of life , such as family, social and health. Remember that money is very useful to buy your freedom, but not at the cost of losing your health or losing those you love most.