keys to improve your values

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Values ​​are a very personal issue. These 20 keys can help you to start proactively developing your own list of values, take them as suggestions and as inspiration, to stimulate you to develop your values.

  1. Develop a Personal Mission statement for your life, containing your moral criteria and values ​​in writing.
  2. Gain the respect of other people and get them to consider you a person of honor.
  3. Do not judge other people or criticize their own values. You do not know the personal battles that others are fighting. If necessary, assess the facts, not the people.
  4. Live in forgiveness , not in resentment. Nothing gives more personal power than being able to forgive others. You get more satisfaction from forgiveness than from revenge.
  5. Exercise the reading of books about values ​​and ethics , that stimulate your spiritual life and inspire you in your decisions.
  6. Evaluate daily if you meet your ethical goals and are faithful to the values of your Personal Mission.
  7. Try to be an example and good influence on other people .
  8. Be able to discuss your values ​​in public , without fear or complex.
  9. Offers help to other people in a selfless way when needed.
  10. Do not give your opinion about what other people do or say if they do not ask you .
  11. The values ​​that govern your professional life are equivalent to the values ​​that govern your personal life. Ethics is for all areas of life.
  12. Reflect and understand the principles behind your ethical beliefs.
  13. See if your moral principles help you maintain the union in your family and facilitate your social relationships .
  14. See if your moral principles help you to face any ret or present in your life or on the contrary, they make it difficult.
  15. Align the values ​​with your life , so that they are a source of joy and satisfaction, no source of complaints and disappointment.
  16. Watch your perception of what is good and what is bad , be realistic and consistent, not the fruit of your ego.
  17. Analyze if the spiritual area and the values ​​of your life are balanced with the other areas of life.
  18. Spend some time meditating and reflecting on whether the values ​​you have established in your life really guide your ethical behavior.
  19. Deliver time, money and dedication to charitable activities that add value to society, your community, the environment, animals … without expecting anything in return.
  20. Share your values ​​with other people .