How to improve family life and balance it with other areas of life.

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Improving family life is a recurring desire for many people. In our cultural habitat, we are induced to give everything for work. If we turn professional we will be socially rewarded, we will obtain prestige, better status and better self-esteem. As a result, we do not associate success with family life , and therefore we do not dedicate time or value. We are not taught how to properly manage our family life. Some people try to teach and extend ideas about the importance of family life to lead a full and satisfying life, and about the role it plays to achieve success.

20 keys to improve family life

  1. Keep an open , friendly and sincere communication with each member of your family.
  2. Accept each member of your family as it is, respecting their opinions and estimating their abilities. Do not try to make it a copy of yourself.
  3. Give your children freedom to discuss any matter with you, reward them with your attention if they ask you for advice and if they ask for your help to solve their problems.
  4. Spend enough time with all the members of your family each week. In the time you spend with your family, quality is preferable to quantity.
  5. Reserve  time in your agenda to dedicate it to your children and your partner. Do not let anything steal that time, since time is a form of wealth that passes and does not return . Money can be recovered, time with your family can not.
  6. Spend time frequently for leisure activities and group satisfaction with your family . Put these spaces on the agenda and protect them better that you protect your work time. Is not it a much more valuable time?
  7. Teach your children to work for the benefit of the rest of the family and to enjoy being a useful member of the family. Teach them to improve family lifeso that adults also do it in their families.
  8. Do not do anything that you would not want your children to learn, try to be a good personal example for them.
  9. The opportunity to teach your children positive values ​​and attitudes is a privilege, value it as such.
  10. The financial education can change the lives of your children, teach them to manage money and use it properly. Form yourself about financial freedom, to be able to teach them.
  11. Assume the great importance that your family has in your life and express affection to all the members of your family.
  12. Accept and respect the differences of each member of the family and strive to understand the particular needs of each.
  13. Face family discussions in a constructive way , and make them contribute value and serve as learning to improve.
  14. Acquire the ability to change your professional role for the family every day when you finish your work day.
  15. Share common goals with your partner, invest time and effort in improving relationships every day.
  16. Acquire the ability to give up your own plans to adapt them to what others want or need. Improving family life will depend on the time you spend.
  17. Plan in a long-term responsible way the economic welfare of your family and your own.
  18. Make your family and home life in balance with the other areas of your life .
  19. Learn, practice and develop skills to transmit and receive affection .
  20. Get your children to look forward to your return home at the end of your workday. It will make you happy. If you do not get it now, you will never have it, because they are days that will not come back.