How to give a new direction to your life

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  1. Discover what you want. You must reflect on your ideas, your feelings and your deep desires to discover where you want to go. It is not possible to undertake a trip without knowing the destination point. You have to work inside yourself to know what you really want, and not what you are supposed to want, or what culture, family or education leads you to believe you want. If you want to give a new direction to your life, start by working inside yourself.
  2. Create a realistic view of your current position.  You need to know where you are now to determine the direction in which to move. Know the vision of yourself that you keep in your head, without self-deception. Knowing yourself is sometimes painful, but knowing the shortcomings and shortcomings will help you to know where you are going to reach your goals. When you have a real image of yourself , you will know what areas you must work to reach the chosen destination.
  3. Determine your values . Although you know who you are and what things you want to achieve in life, you must analyze what your values ​​are, since some of them may conflict with your goals and as a consequence suffer self-deception and self-sabotage in the achievement of your goals. It is easier to make complicated decisions once you know your values.
  4. Define your priorities  Maybe you have a lot of success in your profession, but have you thought if it leads you to the place where you really want to be? It is essential to prioritize the things that are important to you and place everything in its place. If you dedicate time to what you “supposedly” have to do instead of what you really want and are motivated to do, you will not go anywhere. No one can suggest what is important to you, or what you should prioritize, that is something personal. Only once you have decided what is of paramount importance will you be able to determine where you want to go, what objectives to pursue and in what order.
  5. Be honest and true to yourself. Never set priorities based on what you want others to think about you, or what you want them to see in you. Also do not submit your goals to the approval of anyone, because if you do not sincerely wish, it does not work, your objectives will not really be. You can not have any power over the things that happen to you if you allow other people to make decisions about your life that you are supposed to take. You can have a successful and satisfying life regardless of what others think.
  6. Visualize the destination point clearly and specifically. There is no way to achieve a clear goal unless you start with a mental vision, focus or clear definition of the results you want to achieve. When your sight is fixed on a distant target with intermediate points as guides, you can follow a straight path towards the goal. If your objectives are too generic, diffuse and intangible to visualize them clearly in your mind, you will not have a clear objective to address. You have to be able to visualize in your mind what you want , with great detail, in a specific, concrete and tangible way.
  7. Believe in yourself . You need to have faith to get where you want to go. You need to believe in yourself and believe in your goals to get rid of your own limitations and not be influenced by the opinions of other people. The path develops progressively and slowly, so it is crucial to keep faith in yourself, remember your priorities and firmly believe in the things you want. If somewhere in the way you stop believing and you forget the reason of all this, the goals will stop making sense and … you will be lost. If you want to give a new direction to your life  you have to learn to believe in yourself.