How to adopt the habit of happiness

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Many times we live in the belief that we must live a sacrificial life and we must give up many things today to get a reward tomorrow . And so, we sacrifice our happiness leaving aside the enjoyment of family life to focus on work, because we think that it is our duty to suffer for in the future to have sufficient economic means and thus to enjoy our wife or husband and our children. What normally happens is that by the time they have obtained the financial means to enjoy the family (if they are achieved), the children are no longer there and the couple has not been able to endure so many years of neglect. Thus, we have not enjoyed the family either in the present or in the future, happiness has been allowed to escape, due to erroneous cultural values.

Life is short and fleeting, and at any moment can escape us. If you want to do something in life, there will never be a better time than now . If you want to be something, whatever it is, I know that now. If you want to get something, whatever it is, go for it now. When it comes to the important things in life, do not wait until tomorrow. There is a possibility that tomorrow never comes. Put happiness into practice now, because the past and the future do not exist , thereis only the present, the today, the now.

Love, enjoy, celebrate everything now.

Many times we wait and wait for everything to go well to implement happiness. But it is very possible that you have to wait a long time and when you want to do it, you will not know how, you will have forgotten how to be happy , what things you liked, what made you happy and why. You will have acquired the habit of unhappiness , a habit from which it is very difficult to leave. It is very important that you remember to  put into practice happiness every day of your life , whatever the goals in your life, putting happiness into practice is something you should never stop doing. If being happy is your main daily habit, your life will be a life full of happiness .

One of the keys to life is to enjoy the path, not just the goal. However, it is regrettable that, despite the fact that most people want to be happy, have fun and enjoy themselves, they leave it aside and focus on other things. Normally in accumulating assets and assets based on sacrifices and unhappiness. A tip to close this article: put into practice today what you want to be in the future .