fundamental habits that will transform your life

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The fundamental habits are those that define us the most. Although it may not be a good idea to put it that way, because, as you already know, in reality we are all just a sum of habits. A sum of all the customs that we put into practice in our day to day.

But there is no doubt that there are habits that are more important than others . The habit of putting a coffee in the morning is just an anecdote, but the habit of -for example- knowing how to say “no” to protect your time … can clearly make a difference. It is the fundamental habitsthat form the path of personal growth that will lead you to success.

The fundamental habits can be trained: repeat any of them for 21 days and you will have made it yours. That is, this is not simply about reading about them and thinking “I would like to be like that”. No, the fact is that you CAN be like that. Only with a little determination and willpower.

Now I’m going to talk about 4 fundamental habits that I think are the most important you can adopt to transform your life:

  1. Always learn Stay on the lookout for new ideas, new knowledge, new techniques, even new follies … always insatiable when it comes to increasing your personal baggage. Do not ever become obsolete, on the contrary, leave others obsolete. Never want to be a teacher, but a student, until the end of your days.
  2. Thanks always. Gratitude is one of those habits that definitely transform lives. Being grateful -to your family, to strangers, to your own life- will help you to face everything with a much more positive attitude, to be more aware of what you have and what not to forget that nobody is an island, but that we live connected to others. And that makes us stronger.
  3. Think always. Nurture self – awareness . Since we are little we are taught to live by inertia, as simple gears of a machine, and most people never think about anything. That is not your case: mark your objectives, define your life plan and carefully calculate each step you take so that everyone will take you to the same address.
  4. Always walk Going forward, it is understood. Or what is the same: live without remorse, knowing that the past can not be changed and understanding that errors can not condition the future except insofar as you allow them to do so. Let your past be your teacher, but never your executioner. The only thing you have is the future.