Do you prioritize financial and professional success above all?

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When we talk about success, we tend to value the professional and professional aspect of our life, forgetting other areas that are equally or more important. The society in which we live encourages us to pursue economic success . Our social and cultural model constantly bombards us with visual impacts and messages of all kinds that transmit an equivocal message about the relationship between professional success and happiness .

For years, advertising, film and television have focused on showing us a dream life based on the accumulation of material goods , the more the better. Mentally we all have success in life associated with success in the economic / financial area of ​​our lives. Apparently authentic achievements are those that make us earn money.

The growth of our economic muscle is the success we all want to achieve. It is socially accepted that those who reach high levels of power and material wealth, are those who have achieved success in life . They are the supposed winners.

  • Do we really want to succeed only professionally?
  • How much time do we spend on the other facets of our life?
  • What is professional and economic success without quality of life?

It is important that our life is balanced, success depends on the balance of all areas, not the smooth running of only one of them. No matter how exceptional we can become in our career and how carefully we manage our professional side. If we do not apply the same principles and habits of personal development to other areas of our lives, the existing imbalance will act as a powerful source of irritation and frustration.

Full Life  is one that develops continuously pursuing growth and realization in all areas of your life. 
These are the 6 areas that must be developed in the same way as the professional:

  1. Physics and health
  2. Social and cultural
  3. Spiritual and ethical
  4. Family and home
  5. Financial and professional
  6. Mental and educational.